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Advance Nutrition Programme (ANP)

  • The Advance Nutrition Programme is a cutting edge, salon-only nutritional system that supports skincare regimes.
  • ANP improves the skin’s health and appearance from the inside out.

The Advanced Nutritional Programme is divided into 2 categories.

1.The Skin Range contains carefully selected ingredients to help the skin maintain its health and vitality. This range treats problems such as dryness, excess oil, congested skin & signs of premature aging.

The Skin Range include:

Skin Collagen Support – Boost Collagen.
Skin Vit C – Boost Collagen.
Skin Omegas – Hydrates.
Skin Vitality 1& 2 – General Skin Support.
Skin Pure – Skin Detox.

2.The Wellbeing Range is packed with vitamins and minerals that work together to support optimum health. Weight, digestion, the immune system and general health may all be supported by effective nutrition and supplementation.

The Wellbeing Range include:

Vitamin C Plus – Immune System.
Omega 3 Fish Oil – Joints.
Metabolic Support- Weight Loss.
Digest Pro- Digestion.
Environ Skin Care

Environ Skin Care

Environ Skin Care: Environ Skin Care is a step up system whereby the client begins at AVST 1 (the lowest concentration of Vitamins A,C & Anti-oxidants) eventually reaching AVST 5 (the highest concentration of Vitamins A, C, & Anti-oxidants).
Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics

Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics

Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics: This is a Skin Care Make-up made from 97-99% pure minerals, containing no bulking agents, talc, colourings or dyes.
Advanced Nutritional Programme

Advanced Nutritional Programme

Advanced Nutritional Programme: This range feeds the skin from the inside out.